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If you have significant writing experience as a journalist and possess a true passion for writing and/or reporting news and information on a single or even variety of topics, you too could be featured in The Published Reporter®.

Perfect for Journalism Interns, Students or Syndicated Columnists:

  • Must have experience in journalism.
  • Must have previous experience at a magazine, newspaper or notable blog.
  • Must have excellent grammar and creative writing style/skills.
  • Must have strong verbal and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Must have strong interest in at least one of the following news categories: business, economy, entertainment, health, crime, politics, technology, sports, society or finance.
  • Must be a team player in a hard working and fun environment.
  • Must be able to reliably and consistently cite your sources.
IMPORTANT: We receive a large number of inquiries from marketers looking for one time articles or paid postings, both of which WE DO NOT ALLOW. Contributors must be verifiable authors with experience contributing to reputable outlets and maintain a verifiable profile on the Internet. Please do not contact us for fly-by-night stories, one time submissions, or nonsense contributions of content.

The Published Reporter® is an independent voice on the Web.

We report news responsibly and truthfully, so that readers can improve their own lives and increase their understanding and respect for their neighbors next door or around the globe. YOU should join us.

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To become a writer, first, read this page carefully. Next, read and agree to our Terms of Service. reserves the right to change our policies and guidelines at any time. Finally, send an email letting us know about your interest, who you are, why you would like to write, and any experience you have in reporting and/or writing. We will review all inquiries and if accepted, you can start contributing right away.

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